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“Longmire” Cancellation Places Spotlight on Age Bias

Who Are You Calling “Old?!” by G G Collins     (Copyright 2014) Who knew that a cancelled show could cause such uproar? That’s just what has happened. A&E thoughtlessly canceled “Longmire,” their top-rated scripted drama because its audience was deemed too “old.” Viewers of all ages are Tweeting their disgust in large numbers. Some … Continue reading

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Medicare: Biggest Threat to Seniors, Identity Theft

Seniors’ Identity at Risk Thanks to Medicare: Every day people apply for jobs at doctor’s offices, hospitals and labs with the express purpose of stealing identities using Medicare cards. How do they do this? The insured’s Social Security number is emblazoned upon it! Stealing seniors’ identities is child’s play. If you, your parents or grandparents … Continue reading