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COVID-19 Spring

Musings from the Twilight Zone by G G Collins          Copyright 2020 The Italians have always made art from tragedy. As of this writing, Outbreak is number seven on Netflix’s most watched. Contagion and The Andromeda Strain have seen a resurgence in popularity as well. We’re all living in a sci-fi movie devoid of alien abductions … Continue reading

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Review: Movie Sex, Death and Bowling

Walker Writes From the Heart: by G G Collins          (Copyright 2016) Ally Walker (Profiler, Longmire) wrote and directed this heartfelt film about a very difficult subject: dying. While it only touches on the horrors of dying from a dread disease, the reality of family stress is carefully detailed. And the question … Continue reading

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Copyright Laws Apply to All Countries

Copyright Infringement is Against the Law Worldwide! I can’t believe I’m having to do this. Take time away from writing to attend to someone who is stealing content from my blogs (Reluctant Medium at Large and Parallel Universe at Large) and posting them in another country. Copyright Infringement is against the law worldwide. Please respect … Continue reading

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Review TV Series: Occupied (Okkupert, Norway)

Climate Thriller Edgy & Chilling: by G G Collins     (Copyright 2016) In the near future Norway is about to become energy-efficient and cut the oil cord. The US has already become energy self-sufficient, resigned from NATO and is more insular than ever. But Russia, and apparently the EU, don’t want production halted. In … Continue reading

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“Longmire” Cancellation Places Spotlight on Age Bias

Who Are You Calling “Old?!” by G G Collins     (Copyright 2014) Who knew that a cancelled show could cause such uproar? That’s just what has happened. A&E thoughtlessly canceled “Longmire,” their top-rated scripted drama because its audience was deemed too “old.” Viewers of all ages are Tweeting their disgust in large numbers. Some … Continue reading

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Longmire Cancelled: A&E Doesn’t Like Anyone Older Than 49?

Hey A&E, Are We Talking Ageism? by G G Collins     (Copyright 2014) There’s been discussion in the media as to why Longmire, the #1 scripted drama on A&E, was cancelled. After all that’s been said, it appears the A&E cable network just doesn’t like anyone older than 49. Well gosh, that kind of smarts. … Continue reading