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Heroes of COVID-19

Ordinary Heroes by G G Collins          Copyright 2020 Until this watershed moment in history have we ever considered a grocery store cashier or a pharmacy tech as a hero? Firefighters have always run into burning buildings as everyone else was running out. Police enter active crime scenes to save lives and EMTs provide life-saving measures … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Spring

Musings from the Twilight Zone by G G Collins          Copyright 2020 The Italians have always made art from tragedy. As of this writing, Outbreak is number seven on Netflix’s most watched. Contagion and The Andromeda Strain have seen a resurgence in popularity as well. We’re all living in a sci-fi movie devoid of alien abductions … Continue reading

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Medicare: Biggest Threat to Seniors, Identity Theft

Seniors’ Identity at Risk Thanks to Medicare: Every day people apply for jobs at doctor’s offices, hospitals and labs with the express purpose of stealing identities using Medicare cards. How do they do this? The insured’s Social Security number is emblazoned upon it! Stealing seniors’ identities is child’s play. If you, your parents or grandparents … Continue reading