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COVID-19 Spring

Musings from the Twilight Zone by G G Collins          Copyright 2020 The Italians have always made art from tragedy. As of this writing, Outbreak is number seven on Netflix’s most watched. Contagion and The Andromeda Strain have seen a resurgence in popularity as well. We’re all living in a sci-fi movie devoid of alien abductions … Continue reading

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Copyright Laws Apply to All Countries

Copyright Infringement is Against the Law Worldwide! I can’t believe I’m having to do this. Take time away from writing to attend to someone who is stealing content from my blogs (Reluctant Medium at Large and Parallel Universe at Large) and posting them in another country. Copyright Infringement is against the law worldwide. Please respect … Continue reading

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TV Series Review: Witnesses (Les Te’moins, French)

French Noir Chilling and Creepy                       Reviewed by G G Collins     (Copyright 2015) Witnesses has great creep factor and moody realism in this French procedural filmed on the Normandy coast, mostly in Le Tréport. The opening titles are inspired as Marie Dompnier walks … Continue reading