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Is This Woman Dangerous?

Me in my “office,” Santa Fe Botanical Garden w/Kevin Box sculpture.
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Working as a general reporter is one of the most educational jobs. Where many people specialize in a specific area, it’s the job of a reporter to ask questions, learn quickly and write even faster about many subjects. In one day, you can cover a fundraiser for MS research, meet an entertainer in town for a weekend performance and attend a press conference for a local brewery. The next day, it’s the new heart center at a hospital, getting a first grader’s take on saving a  historical building and welcoming the new sharks at the aquarium.

The result of thousands of interviews, press conferences and performances is that journalists learn a little about many things. It was Alexander Pope who wrote, “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” He also authored in the same poem: “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” That could be applied to reporters as well, many of whom rush to breaking news sites that could be the scene of a terrorist attack, a landing hurricane or a bank robbery.

So is this woman dangerous? Only to the characters in her book, or is she…?

*          *          *

Having walked several beats, G G Collins has racked up a lot of column inches, a few awards and a university

At Big Tesuque to Hike
copyright G G Collins

fellowship. She never met a story she didn’t like, although some interviews were challenging, a few obnoxious. But reporting is always exciting, exploring the rooftops of skyscrapers, meeting in clandestine locations, getting an exclusive, and occasionally being a tad alarmed at someone’s behavior. (Know where the exits are!) All in a day’s work. Of course, one never knows how to dress: jacket for the interview with the visiting entertainer, or jeans for the aviation hangar story? Forget wardrobe, make sure there are notebooks and extra batteries.

Besides writing and reading, Collins enjoys travel, movies, arts and hiking. Most days, she lives above the northern Horse Latitudes.

Note to readers: I’ve created Parallel Universe: Perspectives at Large because while I love writing fiction, sometimes issues are more serious and as a journalist I must tap them out on a keyboard to help make sense of it all. And because I haven’t stopped asking questions since I was three years old, starting with “Why is the sky blue?”

*          *           *

Narrative Journalist.  Specialty Areas:  Animal Issues, Arts, Editorial, Environmental, Health, Historical, New Urbanism, Reviews, Yoga. Published Credits: 1600+. Fellowship and award-winning writer.







Fiction Books:  Reluctant Medium, Lemurian Medium, Atomic Medium. All are part of the Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series. Murder USA: A Crime Fiction Tour of the Nation is a free anthology. All are available at Amazon.

Flying Change for Teens & YA. Equestrian Fiction.

Forthcoming:   Dead Editor File (The Taylor Browning Cozy Mysteries), Anasazi Medium (The Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mysteries).

Photos taken by G G Collins are the property of G G Collins and are subject to
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