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Mysteries Series:

Taylor Browning Cozy Mystery Series. “Dead Editor File” is the first in this new series. Taylor Browning is the mystery editor at Santa Fe’s premier book publishing house. But there is more to her life than review copies, proofing bluelines and coping with demanding authors. People keep dropping dead around her and she just can’t help but do a little sleuthing. Unfortunately, that tends to land her in dastardly situations. Her home life is complicated too by Oscar, her cat, who runs a tight ship. If dinner is late, things happen. Taylor hasn’t learned yet, she can’t edit her way out of real murder! “Looking Glass Editor” is the second in the series.

Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series: In this series, Collins uses a mix of mystery, fantasy, horror and paranormal elements. One never knows what Rachel will be faced with next. It could be anything from an evil spirit to a man-eating Mesoamerican deity or an alien trying to steal government secrets. The learning curve is steep as Rachel tries to rise to each new challenge. But she is not alone. On her side: best friend Chloe, a Hopi shaman and her psychic cat Chile Pod. There are three books in this series. “Anasazi Medium” is forthcoming.

Teen & YA Fiction:

“Flying Change” is the first book in this series of teen life. Horsey girl Molly O’Connor discovers there is more to life than she expected in this coming of age story about courage, chasing your dreams and horses. There will be more from Molly and other teen characters.


“Without Notice.” Blended families are okay until it affects Courtney’s family. It’s bad enough her father moves the family to a new city after her mother is killed, but then they meet his girlfriend Silky. Courtney resists in the only way a thirteen-year-old can; being unkind even when she doesn’t want to be. But a new friendship with a troubled but adventurous girl allows Courtney to try new experiences, until one of these lands them in trouble. Courtney will have to depend on Silky for help.

Teen Readers: If you enjoy TV series like “Supernatural,” then my Paranormal Mystery Series may be right for you. Beware, it does contain profanity and horror effects. If you prefer a tamer story without profanity, check out my Cozy Mystery Series. Thank you for reading.


Bio: Besides writing and reading, Collins enjoys travel, movies, the arts, equestrian events and hiking. Most days, she lives above the northern Horse Latitudes.


Book Blog:

For reviews and other stories:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GGCollinsWriter

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Fellowship and award-winning writer.







Fiction Books:

Reluctant Medium, Lemurian Medium, Atomic Medium (Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series)

Dead Editor File (Taylor Browning Cozy Mysteries)

Flying Change  (Teens & YA) Equestrian Fiction & Growing Up.

Without Notice (Teens & YA) Loss & Blended Families

Murder USA: A Crime Fiction Tour of the Nation is a free anthology.


Anasazi Medium (Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mysteries)

All Books Available at Amazon


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