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Longmire Finds a Home on Netflix

Longmire Saved: It Took a Village

By G G Collins     (Copyright 2014)

Sometimes it really does take a village. While “Longmire” producers worked behind the scenes to secure a new network for “Longmire,” Twitter and Facebook fans came together to form the @LongmirePosse—led by Pamela—doing regular Stampedes to save the show.

While some fans joined Twitter with the sole purpose of saving “Longmire,” long-time members joined in too. I was amazed at the length and breadth of those fans. Many have contacted me and I learned that we come from cities as well as small towns and rural areas. It surprised me that I never thought of the show as a western, but it is. While the relationships, the Native American and mystical aspects appealed to me, there were also people who loved it for its law and order side. And still others liked the fact that their entire family could watch it together, like they used to with westerns such as “Gunsmoke.”

Here’s another surprise. There was no specific age group. In fact, the ages of viewers appear to run the entire gamut. Perhaps television should find a new and better way of discovering their demographics?  And maybe networks shouldn’t label viewers in ways that turn off entire generations who will never watch their network again.

Courtesy Warner Horizon Television

Courtesy Warner Horizon Television

There is a downside to Netflix. A few viewers won’t be able to pick up Netflix for economic or technological reasons. I was truly sorry for the disabled veteran who is unable to afford Netflix and who sadly said in disappointment, “It’s only a TV show.” This is a reality many people in this country have to cope with daily.

It does look as if Netflix will see an influx of new subscribers anxious to find out what happens in season four of “Longmire.” And maybe they will like Netflix so much that they drop their expensive cable subscriptions.

As Robert Taylor said through Adam Bartley (who joined in the many Stampedes), “I am overjoyed to be heading back to New Mexico and the Longmire family. Kudos to the tenacious and indefatigable Peter Roth at Warner Horizon and lifelong admiration for the posse and all who rode with her.”

There are 5.6 million fans who are also overjoyed. It took a village in the form of the @LongmirePosse. Yup, we’re back in the saddle!

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9 thoughts on “Longmire Finds a Home on Netflix

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  2. G.G., if you know contact information on that veteran who can’t swing Netflix, maybe some of us cou d lend a hand with that. What say you?


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