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#LongmireS4 (Longmire Season 4)

What I Want in Season 4: More Longmire!

by G G Collins    (Copyright 2014)

The @LongmirePosse announced June 13, 2015 that #LongmireS4 will run this fall on @Netflix. There will be 10 new episodes. 

Courtesy Warner Horizon Television

Courtesy Warner Horizon Television

The Road So Far

Thanks to the interest and efforts of the @LongmirePosse on both Twitter and Facebook, Team Longmire has reason to be hopeful there will be a season four. There have been enthusiastic Tweets from cast members such as Lou Diamond Phillips and Adam Bartley hinting that pitches for the TV show are going well; good things are happening. Even Robert Taylor who steadfastly remains anti-social media (Hey, I get it. I’m a fledgling myself.), has contributed Tweets from the Orb Agency in Australia during Stampedes. And I can’t leave out author Craig Johnson who has Tweeted and re-Tweeted with us. He after all is the creator of this character who has quickly become beloved by fans.

What has come to light through this experience is that 5.6 million viewers will not be ignored, dismissed or sent to their rooms. Weekly Tweet-A-Thons, that we refer to as Stampedes, have routinely garnered top spots on Twitter, Facebook and the “Trending” machines of social media. While I don’t pretend to have knowledge of how these mammoth counters work, it certainly helps to prove that “Longmire” fans are loyal to their sheriff.

Pamela who has the massive job of herding the Longmire Posse, has worked tirelessly organizing the Stampedes, choosing the best hashtags and keeping the media informed. And speaking of media, Tommy Lightfoot Garrett of Highlight Hollywood has relentlessly reported on each step of  the “Longmire” journey from cancelled hit TV show to #LongmireS4 on @Netflix.

What’s Not To Like? 

There’s almost nothing I would change about “Longmire.” From reading the many Tweets, it appears no one would. The way the story and the characters have unfolded over the past three seasons is a credit to the writers, actors, directors and producers of this show. The subtle moments when a new wrinkle is unveiled about Longmire’s wife, the disappointment that Branch felt at losing the election, the sly smile The Ferg made when he obliquely dropped his GPS watch into the truck bed of a suspect and the indecisiveness of Cady who first wanted to hear her mother’s comments and then quickly pulled back in fear of what she would learn. This is the stuff that “Longmire” is made of. And it brings viewers back week after week.

Courtesy Warner Horizon Television

Courtesy Warner Horizon Television

I’ve said before, Henry Standing Bear is the town’s conscience, he is also the connective tissue between two cultures. Longmire doesn’t understand the Native American ways on the reservation, but wants to and Henry helps. Phillips plays his character with understated calm. The friendship between Henry and Longmire is what the story revolves around. A Martinez’s Jacob Nighthorse is tantalizing because is he a bad guy or maybe not? Martinez is an under appreciated actor–or perhaps he prefers the shadows to a bright spotlight. I’m happy to see his character evolving and expanding. Louanne Stephens as Ruby holds the sheriff’s office together. Please give her more lines. She rocks! Katee Sackhoff brings the right amount of uptight east coast Vic to Absaroka County and was brave enough to do a scary nude shower scene. I haven’t been able to pick up a bar of soap since!

The Future: #LongmireS4

Rumors have it that “Longmire” may soon be back in production, but no official announcement has been made.

Santa Fe New Mexican

One Headlight Ink

Longmire Season 3 now available on DVD

Longmire Season 3 available  March 3rd, Courtesy Warner Horizon Television

But let’s just go on that assumption. Besides the writing and acting, which is exemplary, in a wasteland of “reality” shows, it is the Native American culture and the mystical aspects that I hope to see more of. The mystic is what adds the magic to the story line, while the characters keep it grounded. Some of the credit goes to the lighting and set professionals who make these scenes beautiful, timeless and sometimes spooky.

While the Longmire Posse awaits word from the top that the show is indeed returning for season 4, we will continue to Stampede every Monday at 9 EST (“Longmire’s” former time slot) until the cows really do come home.


Next Stampede: November 17, 2014 at 9pm EST, hashtag #Longmire4ever

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10 thoughts on “#LongmireS4 (Longmire Season 4)

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  2. Have Walt find a charming, loving widow lady and finds love & happiness!! Have Branch reinstated( he discloses his father’s sins). He then needs to decide if he wants a law & order career or business. Ferg gets more responsibility. Ruby & Lucien become close again. Vic comes to term with her father related issues & settles her martial problems with Sean with more dignity than gota pen! She can become involved with Branch since they both have had romance issues. Cady begins a brillant law career. Henry continues Hector’s work with romance with May .Also this series continues way past 4!!


  3. Here’s what I would like to see from Season 4″ Make it more realistic! All of us Wyoming natives know very well that the sheriff of Wyoming’s smallest county (albeit, even a mythical one) knows practically everyone. And he knows their kids names and even the dog’s name of nearly every resident. He certainly knows all the movers and shakers in the county and he especially knows all the county hoodlums. In the TV show, it seems that Longmire has been kept in a cave. He doesn’t seem to know anyone. This really ought to change!


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