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Fans Fight to Save Longmire in Twitter Stampede Tonight

by G G Collins     (Copyright 2014)

Longmire, quality contemporary programming.


Stampede Tonight: Another Twitter Stampede to save Longmire is scheduled for 10-17-2014 9pm EDT. Saddle up and please use the hashtag #Longmire4. This has been chosen because it will help the mysterious algorithms to recognize this Stampede as a new one and result in better trending stats. If you don’t understand algorithms, get in line, but the word is: #Longmire4. Please wait to use the new hashtag until the Stampede begins so we get the best outcome for our efforts.

Not since New Coke has a company made such an asinine decision or made so many people angry—make that mad as hell. A&E network cancelled Longmire, a full-fledged hit with 5.6 million viewers. Fans and those in the know continue to scratch their heads. Usually network’s reward shows, even with millions fewer viewers. But certainly one with the legion of followers that Longmire has deserves renewal and a prime spot on their network’s roster. Apparently, A&E vehemently dislikes anyone over 49 (despite all the billions in greenbacks these people control) and preferred to add another junky reality show instead of quality programming—something A&E used to be known for. As it is now, many former viewers have blocked the network and won’t be coming back for any reason. Great PR A&E.

The cancellation disappointed fans of all ages (and yes, there are many 18 to 49 viewers and entire families among the “old” folks). Geez, A&E, can you be anymore discriminatory? This is called ageism. Very bad karma. And frankly, not nice. But enough, it’s been said repeatedly by many others.

Here’s the offer to an intelligent network: One hit show called Longmire with a built-in viewership of nearly 6 million. There are 76 million Boomers currently controlling the money in the States. They do spend. But please, don’t discriminate against the younger crowd. Try to build a relationship with them so they won’t leave en masse like we have that “other” network.

AMC, TNT, USA, HBO, Amazon, Netflix, PBS (yes, PBS!) step up and schedule Longmire for Season 4. It’s a win-win deal!

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