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Longmire Cancelled: A&E Doesn’t Like Anyone Older Than 49?

Hey A&E, Are We Talking Ageism?

by G G Collins     (Copyright 2014)

Longmire, quality contemporary programming, not reruns from 30 years ago.

Longmire, quality contemporary programming, not reruns from 30 years ago.

There’s been discussion in the media as to why Longmire, the #1 scripted drama on A&E, was cancelled. After all that’s been said, it appears the A&E cable network just doesn’t like anyone older than 49. Well gosh, that kind of smarts.

It seems the powers that be at A&E think only the 18-49 crowd are worth pleasing. That’s odd, because it’s the over 49 crowd who have the monetary oomph to make their advertisers happy. You see, A&E seems to think that Boomers, in particular, are just a bunch of stick-in-the-mud layabouts waiting to die.

Au contraire, we are an active generation. If you recall, we invented a little thing called rock ‘n’ roll–and we’re still rocking! If we have grandkids, we’re out playing with them, not crocheting on the porch. Those without children–and therefore no grands–are more likely to be on an adventure holiday than a boring cruise. We were the first generation to exercise and many of us are fit and active. We don’t want to hear about cemetery plots, hearing aids or prescription drugs. But you might try selling volunteer vacations, healthy food, the latest tablets and shoes to keep us running and hiking.

A&E, you failed to do your research, cancelled a quality show and managed to offend a generation of about 78 million members controlling more than 70% of the wealth in this country.

Would like to go out and try knocking again?


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3 thoughts on “Longmire Cancelled: A&E Doesn’t Like Anyone Older Than 49?

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  2. Beautifully said, G G Collins! Those are my sentiments, too. I hope the “suits” at A&E pay attention–or that other networks’ “suits” realize that we, ahem, “elderly” (ha, ha!) have a great deal of economic clout and we’re willing to use it–especially when we’re disrespected and then dismissed in such an offhand way!
    On another topic, I’m looking forward to reading your books.
    ~~ Mary Huber


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