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Santa Fe’s Christmas Eve Farolito Walk on Famous Canyon Road

Christmas Eve in Santa Fe By G G Collins (Copyright 2013) Farolitos Line the Roof of La Fonda copyright G G Collins It’s Christmas Eve and you’re in Santa Fe. Sunset is fast approaching and the air is frosty. There’s only one thing to do: wrap up warmly and go to the Canyon Road Christmas … Continue reading

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Candle Lighting: A Spiritual Exercise

Lighting Candles for Yourself and Others by G G Collins (Copyright 2013) Our earliest experience with candles is usually one placed on top of our first birthday cake. Can’t remember? Me either. But candles come to symbolize many things as we make our journeys through life. Candles at St Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe, NM Copyright … Continue reading

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Changing Face of Book Publishing: Indie Publishers Partner with Amazon

We Say We Want a Revolution by G G Collins  (Copyright 2013) There is a revolution going on and it’s changing the world of book publishing. Indie publishers are uniting and uploading their books to the Amazon machine. The days of a half-dozen huge New York book publishers making all the decisions on what the … Continue reading