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Longmire Canceled: A&E Doesn’t Like Anyone Older Than 49?

Hey A&E, Are We Talking Ageism? by G G Collins     (Copyright 2014) There’s been discussion in the media as to why Longmire, the #1 scripted drama on A&E, was cancelled. After all that’s been said, it appears the A&E cable network just doesn’t like anyone older than 49. Well gosh, that kind of smarts. … Continue reading

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Santa Fe’s Christmas Eve Farolito Walk on Famous Canyon Road

Christmas Eve in Santa Fe By G G Collins (Copyright 2013) Farolitos Line the Roof of La Fonda copyright G G Collins It’s Christmas Eve and you’re in Santa Fe. Sunset is fast approaching and the air is frosty. There’s only one thing to do: wrap up warmly and go to the Canyon Road Christmas … Continue reading